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Grout Perfect Business Opportunity Start Up Kit!

This is the cheapest way to add on an extra service to your business or franchise organisation. Your customers will love it. You can even start your own business.

Remember grout is everywhere and it is the biggest problem home owner’s face when it comes to keeping their grout looking clean and new all the time.

If you’re a tile and grout cleaner, carpet cleaner, tiler, renovator, home decorator, general cleaner or franchisee then this is exactly what you want to be offering your customers. The difference is amazing.

With the grout perfect business opportunity kit you will receive:

  • 1 x Training manual. How to restore tile and grout + videos and much more. On USB stick
  • 1 x Carry bag, chammie and grout brush.
  • 24 x 30 ml samples bottles of all our colours. To show your customers.
  • 1 x Grout colour sealing application training DVD.
  • Before and after photos for your website or ipad demonstrations.


$350 + postage

Grout colour sealing is not rocket science it is as simple as putting sauce on a hot dog. Yes you need to know what tiles floors can and cannot be colour sealed. This is why we have explained everything you need to know when it comes to tile and grout restoration. For more info call 0404 007 785 and ask for Phil.