[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Is grout colour sealing hard to apply for the DIY?

No, anyone can apply our grout colourant from homeowners to the most experienced tile layer or business owners.  Just make sure there is no grout colourant excess left on the tiles surface or pitts/dimples/ low parts of the tiles during sealing. We supply you with a free complete instructional DVD, on how to clean and apply our colour sealer with every order. If you are sealing 100 m2 for example then this is not an easy task but it can be done.. We would prefer you to use one of our specialist if sealing large areas. Put your feet up and relax and let our applicators do it all for you.

I am having a bit of trouble choosing a colour for my grout to be colour sealed, how do I know what colour would look best with my tiles?

Simply go to our products page and order our colour swab brochure, so you can see what the colour looks like on your grout before ordering.

What is the dry/cure time of the grout colour sealer? 

You can walk on the tiles with in 10-20 minutes after sealing, however it takes 48 hours to fully cure.  For best results do not wet mop for 2 weeks. For shower walls or floors allow 5 days curing time before using the shower. For outside of the shower in your bathroom you can walk on it after 10-20 minutes but again do not wet mop for 2 weeks.

I just cleaned my floors using Restore. How long should I wait for the floors to dry before sealing?

You can apply our sealer once the grout is dry, normally 1-2 hours. Just make sure there is no pooling of water in the grout joint or tiles during the application. Towel dry first or use a fan.

How often do you have to clean the grout once it has been colour sealed?

We recommend you should clean your floor once a week  using a pH 7 neutral cleaner or grout perfects neutral cleaner called Maintain. Do not use a grout brush to scrub the grout just apply the cleaner generously with a mop then dry the grout joints with a towel before the water dries out. When cleaning your floor it’s important to change your water when it appears dirty, that way you aren’t just making the floor dirty over and over again. Should any area that has dried soil on our sealer, simply spot clean with neutral cleaner or window cleaner.  Remember water evaporates dirt does not. We recommend Sparkle Shower from woolworths to clean your shower.

TIP! If you find there is build up from cleaning with dirty water. All you need to do is use a soft broom. Apply your cleaning solution generously to the floor then agitate with a soft broom. After agitating dry the floor asap. Do not let the floor dry out on it`s own.

How often do you re apply grout colour sealer? 

A properly maintained colour sealed grout on a floor dry area eg. kitchen floor will last up to 15 years or more and 5 years in a wet area such as a shower cubicle. Their maybe some high grout lines that will need re applying due to foot traffic wear. Only grout that is below the tile can be colour sealed or either removed and replaced if possible.

Can any tiled floor have the grout colour sealed?

No, you can only colour seal grout that has man made tiles like Ceramics and Porcelain tiles. You cannot colour seal the grout on natural stone floor tiles such as marble, granite, slate, limestone and concrete pavers.  Grout colour sealing can permanently stain porous tiles or concrete pavers which is done during the application process and you will find it very hard to remove as grout colour sealers are designed to bond to cementous porous grout only.

Can I colour seal the grout on my shower wall?

Yes, Grout colour sealing works fantastic with floors & walls in showers and bathrooms.  The run off water has no effect on our sealers finish, it is also highly resistant to mildew, two coates maybe needed in wet areas such as the bottom half of a shower cubicle.  Note: Make sure you wait 5 days for the sealer to cure before using your shower again. If you find you need to agitate the grout during maintenance use a soft brush like a tooth brush to clean with. We recommend Sparkle Shower from woolworths to maintain your grout and tiles.

Can I colour seal the grout on my shower cubicle floor?

Yes and No!  Grout colour sealing can be used to great effect on a shower floor as long as there is proper drainage occurring during and after taking a shower. Colour sealed grout that is frequently submerged in water can be affected in the future.  It depends on how well your shower was built.  Take a look at your grout one hour after having a shower, see if dry or damp. Damp grout is ok but pooling of water is not.  Tip! make sure that your shower floor grout is as clean and dry as possible before applying our sealer.  DO NOT use your shower for 5 days after application, longer the better. If your shower floor is not draining well and is stained or missing in certain joints then we recommend replacing the grout, making sure the floor is dry on top and under the tiles as new fresh grout will not cure to a wet substrate.

My grout is high nearly level to the tiles can I still colour seal my grout?

No. If the grout is too high it will be impossible to apply our colour sealer, all grout installs must be recessed during the grout installation process and is required under the Australian Standards for tile laying. If unsure that your grout can be colour sealed you can send us an email with photos attached, one photo of your floor standing back and a close up photo of your grout looking down the joint. Use a marble to see if it stays in the grout joint if it rolls off then no it can not be sealed.

My grout is missing in certain areas what can I do?

Wall tiles will mostly have unsanded grout installed which is easy to replace.  Wait one hour for the unsanded grout to cure before colour sealing. For missing grout in floors as they will most likely have sanded grout installed so you will need sanded grout. Remove as much loose grout as possible and re install sanded grout in those areas, after 48 hours you can colour seal sanded grout. Do not buy pre mixed grouts!  You should go to a tile shop and buy your grout.  Sanded grout should be a wetter mix it should run down a vertical surface or slowly fall of your grout float, unsanded grout should be stiff like peanut butter and not run down a vertical surface. If unsure go to You Tube and type in Replacing grout or how to mix grout and install grout.

My grout has a small hair line crack a long the tile or skirting board and my grout has small holes in it what can I do?

All you need to do is mix up some unsanded grout in a small cup or container and apply to the holes or cracks, wipe with a damp – rung out sponge and after one hour you can colour seal the new grout. Tip! make sure your unsanded grout is not to wet, the best way to tell is mix up your unsanded grout and apply to a vertical wall tile, if it runs down the tile it is too wet, it should stay in place like peanut butter or toothpaste texture.

My tiles have rectified edges, dimples and pits along the edges where it meets the grout.  Will this affect the ease of the Grout Colour sealing application?

Yes! If the tiles have rough rectified edges than there is a slight change in the process, you apply the sealer as normal but just after you use your chamois go back with the chamois and work in small circle motions while moving along the grout joint this will remove any excess from the low areas of the tile, even using your finger for spotting maybe necessary allow for extra time. If unsure you can send us an email with photos attached, one of your floor standing back and a close up of your grout looking down the joint. you must make sure all the sealer is off the tiles no matter what as you will find it very hard to remove once cured.

My grout joints are really wide (5mm-10mm). Will this affect the ease of the Grout Paints application?

No; you will use more sealer though, and you have to cut a larger hole in the tips, not to large as you may be wasting a lot of sealer for no reason during the process.

I have carpet up against my tiles how can I protect the carpet?

All you need to do is buy some masking tape and apply the tape to the carpet where it meets the tile edge, tuck it in with a blunt knife or spatula between the tile and carpet then apply two more runs going back on the carpet, remove tape after cleaning and sealing.

I was told that grout colour sealers do not last is that true?

Yes and No! Grout sealers have many names, they’re known as grout paints, grout re colorants, grout dyes, grout stains and grout pens, most of these sealers you can buy from the hardware store, they only penetrate grout and just sit below the surface of the grout, we call them clear sealers with colour dyes paint added to them.  Grout Perfects colour sealer is as thick as pancake batter!  It not only penetrates the surface but also coates the top surface of the grout. Our sealer has a special acrylic resin that contains a modified urethane sealing agent and is pigmented into colours, it also has concrete hardening agents added to give bonding strength to new or old grout installs. Our sealer provides the highest degree of stain protection and greatly reduces the maintenance required to keep your grout looking at its best. This is why professional applicators and business owners use Grout Perfects colour sealer with confidence because they know it sticks and stays.

I have a large home and all the floors are tiled how long will it take me?

If colour sealing large areas then we suggest doing one room at a time.  One room approx 40m2 may take you all day to clean and seal, you can do each room in intervals over a long period of time as once the sealer cures it will just blend right in along with previous applications. Having plenty of dry towels on hand and wearing knee pads is a good idea aswell.  Your knees will thank you!  If you find it all to much you can simply use one of our professional applicators that are hopefully in your area.

How much would it cost to have a professional applicator to colour seal my grout?

There are three things to consider; 1. The size of the floor.   2. The size of the tile.   3. The size of the grout joint width e.g. 80 m2 area with tile size of 300mm x 300mm with a grout joint width of 5mm would cost between $25 – $32 per sq metre it also depends on how soiled or damaged your grout is and how much furniture there is to be removed. The larger the tile the cheaper it is to seal the grout.

Can I colour seal outdoors?

Yes, BUT  we do not recommend sealing outdoors due to water pooling in grout joints from the rain. If your patio or veranda is fully covered from the rain then yes you can colour seal the grout. Note! .

How do I schedule a quote for a professional applicator ?

Simply call your local Grout Perfect Specialist in your city, you will find their details in our Find A Specialist page.

What is the difference between a professional applicator and a home owner DIY?

A professional applicator saves you time and labour just like a painter, you can relax and enjoy your floors transformation without lifting a finger!  Yes you can save money doing it yourself but if attempting to clean and seal large areas we advise you to consider your knees, back and labour time.  A Grout Perfect professional applicator can clean and colour seal a lot faster due to their experience and investment in training, equipment and the tools they use to speed up the application process. They also do this everyday and can clean and colour seal 100 m2 of tiled floor in one day with two men. If they are on there own allow 2 days.

What does it look like once applied to the grout?

Grout Perfect colour sealer once cured looks just like grout not like other products on the market that look like it is been painted on such as grout paints, there is also grout dye products that only change the colour of the grout but these are not grout sealers just colour changers.  With Grout Perfect you are applying a premium topical sealer which comes in a variety of colours and looks like grout with special acrylic resins and concrete hardening agents they make our sealer bond for many years to come.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]