How to

Grout Colour Seal Floors

Step 1.  Once the area is clean and dry!  Apply a bead of grout sealer down the grout joint, work 1 lineal metre at a time.


Step 2.  Using either our applicator brush, tooth brush or your finger and lightly work the sealer down the grout joint.

Step 3.  Simply wipe away any excess grout sealer from the tile surface as you go with a flat hand down the grout joint with your damp rung out orange chamois. Tip!  Minimize the amount of excess grout sealer left on the tile during the wiping process.

Step 4.  After one hour lightly mist the floor using either our maintain neutral cleaner, window cleaner diluted or plain water than towel dry. This process removes any colour sealing haze that is left on the tile. Tip!  If you find it hard to remove the haze from the tile than use your white scour pad while the tile is wet to agitate then towel dry asap.

IMPORTANT: All floors can be walked on straight away sealing but try not to (clean) wet mop your floors for 2 weeks after colour sealing, vacuum or dry sweep only.

For shower cubicles please allow 5 days before use. This only applies to inside the shower cubicle not outside of the shower such as the bathroom floor that can be walked on straight away.

Grout colour seal walls and showers.

Step 1   Always clean your tile and grout wall first with our diluted Restore tile and grout cleaner or any high pH floor cleaner. Apply to your tile and grout wall with either a hand trigger sprayer or pump up sprayer keep spraying for 2 -5 minutes.

Step 2   Now use your white scour pad to agitate the tiles first than use a grout brush to agitate the grout while still spraying our Restore cleaner or any high pH cleaner, than rinse with clean water or by using a sponge dipped in water. Once complete towel dry all the tiles and grout.

Step 3   Once the area is dry, apply a bead of Grout Perfects Colour Sealer up the grout joint starting down the bottom, now use your finger to work the sealer up in the joint, simply wipe away any excess grout sealer from the tile surface moving over the grout joint, 2 or 3 lines at a time with our damp rung out orange chamois.

Step 4 

After 1-2 hours lightly mist the tiles with water and buff the tiles with a terry towel. If you find the haze on the tile is hard to remove then mist on some water and agitate with our white scour pad ( do not rub the gout joint ) Make sure you keep the wall wet before buffing with your terry towel. This process removes any haze left over from your colour sealer of the tile.

Do not use shower for 5 days longer the better. We recommend Sparkle Shower from Woolworths for maintenance cleaning. Colour sealed grout should last 5 years or more. If you find after a couple of years the colour seal has peeled of in a small area it may have not been cleaned well enough, re clean and apply the colour sealer again.

Restore your tile and grout using a high pH Alkaline solution!

Use when your floors require a restoration clean or prior to using our grout colourant.

Step 1.  Vacuum

Vacuum or Dry sweep your floors first.

Step 2.  Dilute

Dilute/Mix Restore as per labeled directions with warm water if really greasy use hot water. Apply your mixed solution generously to your tile and grout with either a mop or deck brush. Do not let the mixed solution dry out on surface . WARNING FLOORS ARE VERY SLIPPERY RIGHT NOW .

Step 3.  Soak

Leave the liquid Restore to work for 5-10 minutes this will give you a better result do not let the solution dry out keep wet, if solution has dried re apply.

Step 4.  Scrub

Scrub/Agitate the area using a stand up grout brush, hand grout brush or deck brush to agitate the grout or tile surface, work up and down the grout joint and across the tile surface.

Step 5.  Extract

Remove the now dirty liquid using an old mop and transfer back into a bucket or use an old towel or even a small shop vac comes in real handy here.

Step 6.  Rinse

Pour clean water over the surface to rinse, Extract using a clean mop or clean towel or a small shop vac.

Step 7.  Dry

DO NOT leave the surface to dry naturally. Use a clean dry terry towel to soak up any water. If you are colour sealing your grout than make sure there is no water in the grout joint. You can seal damp grout but just make sure there is no water puddles in the grout joint or tile surface.

How to maintain and clean your tile and grout on a regular basis!

Step 1.  Vacuum or Dry sweep your floor first.

Step 2.  Wet cleaning is the preferred method.

Step 3. You should use a standard stringer mop, we prefer stringer mops as they can reach down into the grout joint.

Add some neutral pH 7 chemical to your cold water. Mop the surface daily or weekly to lift off most daily grime. If your water starts to look dirty (discoloured) change asap.

Now dry the floor with a bath towel, ( try not to let the area you just cleaned dry out on its own! ) This is a very important step in keeping tiled floors and grout squeaky clean. Remember moisture evaporates dirt does not.

TIP!   This is mainly for colour sealed grout floors. If you find after a couple of years your colour sealed grout shows signs of dirt build up simply apply your floor cleaner and agitate the grout with a SOFT broom then dry the floor and your grout should look brand new again.

What ever chemical you use, make sure to read the label first to ensure that it is a pH 7 neutral floor cleaner as higher pH chemicals can re soil tile and grout floors faster due to not being rinsed with water after use. Most cleaning supply shops sell a neutral cleaner for tiled floor surfaces.

TIP!  For shower cubicles we recommend using Sparkle Shower, you can buy this product at woolworths shopping centres. Do not use a stiff grout brush we recommend using a soft grout brush if needed.