Tips and Warnings

  • Limitations: Not recommended to be used in pools, ponds or water falls. If grout is submerged in water. 
  • DO NOT waste your money on cheap grout pens and grout colourants that you can buy from a hardware store. They are thin watery types sealers with paint dyes added to them. They only change the colour of grout. These cheap grout sealers do not protect grout, they end up peeling off and making your grout look patchy. Grout Perfect`s grout colourant is ten times better then any epoxy grout colourant you can buy in Australia.
  • ONLY ceramic, porcelain and quarry tiles can have the grout colour sealed. For example you can not colour seal grout that has porous tiles like slate, sandstone, marble and limestone tiled floors. We recommend a penetrating clear seal only.
  • You may have to order our pre cleaner called Restore tile and grout restoration cleaner before colour sealing your grout. You can also buy a high pH alkaline cleaner from your local cleaning supply shop and a grout brush on a pole for easier cleaning of your grout.
  • Not all grout installations are perfect, grout lines that are too high ( not recessed below the tile ) can not be colour sealed. The grout should be at least 1- 2 ml below the tile surface. Check this before ordering our colour sealer.
  • If unsure that your grout can be colour sealed you can send us an email with photos attached. We need one photo of your floor looking down and a close up of your grout looking down the grout joint. email to
  • If your grout is a dark grey colour and you want to change it to a white coloured grout, then you will need to apply two coates of our coloured sealer.
  • Do not use this product if you have recently sealed your grout with a clear grout sealer, also known as penetrating or natural look grout sealer.